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I am Ruben. I design websites, write creative content for your website and can teach how to play guitar, keyboard, recorder and vocals.

I have been designing website since late 90s and worked with global clients. My strength lies in aesthetics, interface design and user experience. 

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My Story

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When I finished my Bachelors in English Literature, I didn't have a clue what to do next. I used to sketch and paint when I was in college and a friend of mine suggested that I study fashion design. designing!! I had no idea about it. It was too expensive and alien to me, so instead I landed up learning graphic design as it was related to what I did with pencil and colors.


I joined the IT industry (which was still in its nascent stage in India) and worked for global clients for over 10 years, in different companies. My expertise and experience lie in Graphic Design, Interaction Design, Presentation Design, UX/UI, Communication Design, Content writing and Music education.

If you want to know more about my work you can ask the people I worked with: (I haven't asked them yet :)


I worked as a freelance designer for over 6 years before joining an academic school to teach music. Since 2014 I have been teaching music and designing websites/graphics for my clients.


Music has always been my passion since my childhood. I played music in the church and had a band in early 2000. We 'broke up' as all bands do :) Sounds legit right? Along the way I learnt to play other instruments like harmonica, keyboard, ukulele, recorder, etc. I also teach music at a private school for grade 1 to 12 kids. I have also written and composed songs, worked on few albums too.


I am a football fan(atic) and like to play whenever I can. I like having good conversation with people I like to write my thoughts. I am a movie buff and like to go on road-trips and read books.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+91 9810061646

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